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Customised Solutions for Merbau Timber Decking

Building a deck can bring a refreshing change to your outdoors. It will enhance your property’s value and make your home more stylish and functional. If you are looking for premium decking material for your space, then you can consider choosing Merbau timber decking.

At Elite Timber, we supply high-quality timber decking solutions at great prices. We are sure with the type of materials we supply, you’ll be able to make the most of your outdoors. Installing a new deck is a great way of improving your curb appeal and building a new space for hanging out with your family or friends.

So, if you are looking for trusted Merbau decking suppliers in Pakenham, you can choose our services. We offer 100% sustainable and locally sourced products at competitive prices.

Build a Custom Living Space with Merbau Decking Suppliers in Melbourne

Merbau is one of the most widely used decking materials. Melbourne homeowners, architects and property managers prefer Merbau as it is extremely hard-wearing and easy to install and maintain. You can count on this decking material for all your outdoor construction projects. No matter the style or type of deck you want to build, our Merbau decking suppliers will be there to assist you throughout the process.

We supply high-quality Merbau decking materials that retain their shine and appearance for many years to come. If you are looking for a specific decking design or pattern, get in touch with us today.

How our Merbau timber Suppliers can help you transform your space?

For building a new deck, you need quality materials and unlimited design options that align with your aesthetic requirements. Elite Timber has a team of experienced Merbau timber Suppliers to assist you in exploring unlimited design possibilities.

When you work with our suppliers, you can transform your outdoors the way you always wanted. Well-build deck space has the ability to enhance your curb appeal and offer extra living space to you and your family. With our sustainable Merbau timber decking range, you will get the best of both worlds- Aesthetics and Functionality.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing our decking supplies-

  • Quick Installation- Merbau decks are way easier to install. You can quickly elevate the look of your space and build an extraordinary deck of your choice.
  • Offers Extra Space- Merbau decks can improve the comfort level of your outdoors. You can set up the furniture outdoors and create a fun hangout spot.
  • Long-Lasting- Merbau is a hard-wearing and strong decking material; it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Merbau is known for its great aesthetics and resilience. It has high resistance to termites and can withstand adverse weather and external conditions.

Merbau is one of the most popular timber species. It is often identified by its endurance and grain patterns.

Being a hardwood timber, Merbau is extremely durable. It can last up to 50 years and continues to retain its texture and appearance.

You can seal and protect the deck with water-based oil to increase its longevity and ensure it is well-protected against external elements.

Merbau contains tannin in high quantity; this compound makes its surface resilient to water.