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Merbau Decking in Dandenong

Decking Dandenong

If you need quality Merbau decking in Dandenong then look no further than Elite Timber. We can provide you with high quality Merbau decking that is sure to last you for decades.
Merbau decking is widely desired by modern homeowners, as it is not only a highly cost-effective alternative to timber, but it's also extremely durable and is highly resistant to any type of splintering. The best part about Merbau decking is its low-level maintenance, as it does not suffer from general insect infestations so you do not have to deal with termite damage over the years.
With comprehensive Merbau decking in Dandenong, you won't need to worry about fall risks as the material itself is highly slip-resistant, which is why it is constantly used for pool decks. Merbau decking is also highly versatile and aesthetically appealing which ensures that you get a cost-effective and durable option for your tools, while also looking fantastic.
Simply reach out to us for your Merbau decking in Dandenong, and we'll send over a team that will evaluate your requirements and recommend the best installation option for you.

Artificial Turf in Dandenong

Decking Dandenong
Decking Dandenong

At Elite Timber, we provide high-quality artificial turf in Dandenong. Whether you want to create a nice ambience for your home or if you want to add a touch of nature to your commercial space, Elite Timber can take care of it all.
Artificial turf is much easier to maintain as compared to regular grass as it does not grow and as such does not need to be constantly cut down. Furthermore, when you opt for synthetic grass in Dandenong you go for an eco-friendly option that does not require you to constantly water it or even ensure that an artificial climate is created to keep the grass looking fresh. No matter the amount of light it receives or the amount of care you give it, our synthetic grass in Dandenong will always look flawless and spectacular with the least bit of effort.
Artificial turf in Dandenong is slowly gaining in popularity however it is important to note that without an expert installation you will likely face more problems than benefits. As such it is highly important to go with experienced Installation experts when it comes to synthetic grass in Dandenong. Fortunately, you have Elite Timber to turn towards. We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to artificial turf in Dandenong and you can be assured that we will put that expertise to work when taking care of your installation.

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