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Merbau Decking in Melbourne

Elite Timber is one of the primary Merbau decking suppliers in Victoria. We are a direct supplier for Merbau decking timber and you can be assured that we are among the top providers for Merbau decking in Melbourne. Being one of the primary Merbau decking suppliers in Melbourne we have taken great lengths to understand what our clients expect from the Merbau timber that they are planning to purchase.

Merbau Decking in Melbourne

Merbau timber is widely considered one of the best choices when it comes to decking. Merbau decking timber in general is in big demand thanks to its extremely high durability that is given a rating of class 2 making it extremely resistant to any type of decay or even infestation from insects. As expected of Merbau timber, it can withstand any kind of wear and tear with a very high rating for hardness. Iff Merbau decking timber is used for your pool areas, or your indoor seating purposes, then you can expect it to last for up to 40 years with very low maintenance. The best part about Merbau timber is that it is highly resistant to any type of splinters and does not shrink easily. With the right stain and polish, you can have extremely beautiful Merbau decking in Melbourne at highly affordable rates.

Merbau Decking Timber Suppliers in Melbourne

Being one of the primary suppliers for Merbau decking in Melbourne, Elite Timber is proud to provide high-quality Merbau timber at extremely affordable and competitive prices. We have assembled a team of experts who can provide high-quality timber to craftsmen, builders and architects at sustainable prices. We can simplify your building experience without any difficulty and you can be assured that when you choose us as your Merbau decking supplier you will be left with no room for complaint.
We have committed ourselves to providing our clients with quality Merbau decking so that they don't need to search for any Merbau decking suppliers. Once you have placed a contract with us, you can be assured that no Merbau decking suppliers in Melbourne will be able to match our quality of service and the quality of timber we provide.
All our Merbau decking timber is grade dried and can be easily supplied for high levels of demand in a very short amount of time.
Based on a genuine quote, you will be amazed at how our prices significantly differ from that of other Merbau decking suppliers. When it comes to Merbau decking in Melbourne you simply cannot go wrong with Elite Timber.
So, if you want high-quality Merbau decking timber at affordable rates then reach out to Elite Timber today. You can be assured that with us as your Merbau making suppliers, you will never have any complaints.


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