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Get high-quality artificial turf in Melbourne

Are you planning on revamping the look of your garden? Then consider installing the artificial turf. These turfs offer a simple solution to your gardening woes. Elite Timber is a leading supplier of artificial turf in and around Melbourne. With our simple turf solution, you can save money, time and effort in keeping up your garden. Our unique turf range will not only reduce water consumption but also lasts long and transforms the look of your outdoors instantly.

We bring a variety of solutions for synthetic turf in Melbourne; the robust designs and amazing appearance of the turf match almost all types of settings. Instead of worrying about maintaining your garden or patio, you can install this durable and resilient turf and create an aesthetically pleasing and safe space for your family.

Whether you want to build a custom backyard space or want to install new turf, we have the right products for you.

Spruce up your exteriors with synthetic grass in Melbourne

What if you could have a beautiful garden space without the need for regular maintenance or mowing the lawn? With synthetic grass in Melbourne, you can create the outdoor space of your dreams. The synthetic grass does not require any maintenance; it is easy to roll out and prevents water from pooling thus eliminating puddling.

It is extremely safe for children; the turf does not need fertilisers or pesticides.

The turf is ideal for building recreational areas as they have high water resistance and do not wear out easily. Once installed, you won’t have to constantly worry about watering your lawn. All the synthetic grass needs is an occasional cleaning to remove the dirt and debris.

Browse our artificial turf supplies online to place your order today.

Do you need synthetic grass supplies in Melbourne

If you are planning to build a new garden space or want to install an all-new turf, we at Elite Timber can help. The artificial turf does not leave stains behind and is drought resistant. This low-maintenance option eliminates the need of taking care of your garden space regularly. You can build an ideal outdoor space that is visually stunning and practical.

To know more about our synthetic grass range in Melbourne, get in touch with us today. We supply a wide range of decking and turf supplies manufactured to last long. Whatever your project needs are, we ensure to help you get the highest quality supplies available at the best rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Synthetic grass or turf can help you create a stunning lawn or garden area. You can build a customised outdoor space without the hassle of regular watering or maintaining the turf.

The synthetic turf is made from polyethylene, silica sand and rubber granules which make it highly resilient. The turf provides a safe and convenient option for creating an outdoor space without any hassle. It can last for years to come and ensures a quick and easy installation process.

Yes, artificial grass is a versatile material. You can use it to decorate the pool area, patio and decks.

Yes. Artificial grass does not require water or fertilisers like real grass. It is highly durable and last for years. It will cost you less as compared to maintaining real grass.